This Privacy Statement Is Applicable For All Straetus Entities*.

The Straetus entities are the franchisor, master franchisees and franchisees. Each entity (master) franchisee is wholly owned and operated.

Straetus is a controller according to the privacy law GDPR, which means Straetus is subject to different privacy legislations regarding the processing of personal information.

Straetus can not perform its business activities without the processing of certain personal data. Straetus processes personal data for the performance of a contract to which the data-subject is a party and/ or in the legitimate interest of the creditor. This legitimate interest includes the collection of an outstanding invoice. The processed personal data contains, but is not limited to, name and contact data and financial data regarding invoices and debts.

The processed personal information will be received by Straetus for the purpose of debt collection. Only authorized personnel will have access to the processed personal data.

After the end of the debt collection the personal data will be anonymized for statistical and historical means. Straetus respects your privacy and will not process more personal data than necessary to perform our business activities.

Straetus uses GDPR- compliant technical and organizational safeguards to protect the processed personal data. Any natural person, whose personal data has been processed by Straetus, will have the right to:

  • Access the processed personal data;
  • File a request with Straetus to rectify the processed personal data;
  • File a request with Straetus to be removed from the database;
  • Object against the processing of the personal data with Straetus;
  • Lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority.

Straetus has the right to transfers personal data within the Straetus franchise organization and on the basis of your consent or when there is a legal basis and only when there is appropriate GDPR safeguards implemented within the receiving organization.

Straetus can use your personal data, whether received directly or indirectly from you, to contact you regarding the collection of a debt.

This privacy statement is also applicable on the Straetus websites. These websites can contain links to external websites, which will not fall under the responsibility of Straetus nor this privacy statement.

Straetus has the right to update this privacy statement without notice. We ask of you to keep tabs on the privacy statement once in a while.

*With Straetus we mean the franchisor, master franchisees, franchisee including all employees. Each (master) franchisee is wholly owned and operated. The contact person for Straetus International for all GDPR matters:D. Kuipers

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