The Friendly Debt Collector

Why our clients choose for Straetus?

Recovering debts hinges on two main factors: human input and time. The Straetus debt collection strategy successfully combines these two to acquire optimal results. Convincing people to pay their debts is tricky territory at best and requires people skills and patience. Amicable debt collection is preferred at all times and is one of the reasons why our franchise model works so well. Franchise combines a personal touch with efficient working methods. We believe in building solid relationships. We believe in our franchisees and our approach.


Straetus – The Friendly Debt Collector

Our International Headquarters is based in Amsterdam:

Straetus B.V.
Postbus 75494
1070 AL Amsterdam
The Netherlands
CoC: 34324243
+31(0)88 - 044 01 23

Straetus in Germany

Straetus in Spain (from 2014)

Straetus in the United Kingdom

Straetus in The Netherlands

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