Our debt collection services

Straetus provides a wide range of credit management solutions. The main goal is of course to help our clients to get their outstanding invoice paid. But also to help debtors to find the solution to pay their debt. Straetus can also be a strategic partner for their client to reach certain goals: to decrease their DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) and as a result of this increase the financial results.

Credit checks

Comprehensive credit check services to assess the risk of your customers or clients defaulting on payments.

Court action + monitoring

Software build for the job, one system that helps you with everything. Build by Straetus for Straetus (master) franchisees

Invoice reminder services

Focusing on professionally and politely reminding your clients of payments due can help avoid the debt collection process entirely. You can pay a fixed fee per month, or per small fee per action. You choose! And to ensure that your money is safe, it is possible that the invoices are being paid by the debtor directly into your account.

Pre-legal debt collection

Convincing your customers that it’s in their best interests to pay their debts quickly and voluntarily, while avoiding the need to issue legal proceedings. The key to friendly debt collection or debt recovery is understanding why your debtors fail to pay you and in tailoring our recovery approach to individual cases.

  • International Debt Collection? With Straetus, you will have only one contact person
  • Only 1 case per year? or 10,000+ Straetus is the right partner for you
  • We will activate your case within 4 working hours!

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