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Recovering debt hinges on two main factors: time and human input. If you’re an entrepreneur or a small or medium-sized business owner, these things are inevitably in short supply. Every minute spent attempting to collect an outstanding debt is a minute lost from tending to your clients or acquiring new business. At Straetus Debt Collection, our carefully trained teams focus entirely on recovering unpaid invoices and accounts on your behalf – as efficiently and amicably as possible.

Human input by invested entrepreneurs

Convincing people to pay their debts can be tricky territory, and requires patience and good people skills. By operating as a franchise, we ensure that the people responsible for looking after your business are quite literally invested in creating positive outcomes. A franchisee’s success relies on building strong relationships with you, which in turn relies on them maintaining good relationships with your debtors. Instead of call-centre staff, the people caring for your accounts are entrepreneurs. They have the skills, experience and motivation to guarantee results.

A streamlined, time-saving service

In order to make the debt recovery process as efficient as possible, each country’s master franchise takes full responsibility for administration. This ensures that your debt collector can dedicate all of their time to the process of recovery. What’s more, Straetus also uses unique, high-end software built by our own team to automatically manage workflows. Software such as this allows Straetus to operate as an effective network, by offering access to a huge database of clients and known debtors from all over the world. Our system also allows you to easily add, edit and keep track of unpaid debts that are in the process of recovery – ensuring that you can keep an eye on your invoices whenever it suits you.

A superior service

✔ Considerate and efficient debt-recovery: the friendly debt collectors
✔ Unique franchise model guarantees a professional service
✔ Simple-to-use software for adding and tracking your unpaid debts
✔ Tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses

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Dutch Embassy opens Straetus’s stand at French Exposition.Straetus International is proud to announce that Dutch Embassy’s Trade and Economic Counselor, mr. Buise, will open the Straetus stand at the Franchise Expo in Paris*.
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Straetus expands to Israel

Straetus, a franchise system within the credit management industry, recently signed a master franchise agreement with mr. Erel Artzy and Uri Feldman, for the Israeli market. By doing so, Straetus takes the first step into the Middle East.
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Straetus expands to Poland

Straetus recently signed a master franchise agreement for the Polish market. By doing so, Straetus takes a strategic step, filling the gap between Germany and Russia, where Straetus is already active.
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